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Art Packing - The Benefits Of White Glove Service

When it comes to crating, packing and shipping artwork of any size, shape or type, you need to consider the best there is to offer. If you live in California, White Glove Service in Los Angeles, as offered by Art Pack and other similar companies, may be the very best way to go. If nothing else, it will help to reduce the major cause of all art claims in the United States. These are art damages occurring during transit. In fact, the resulting damages to artwork on route, easily outranks theft as the major cause for insurance claims in America.

What is White Glove Service?

Essentially, there are two different types of shipping and/or moving services: Regular and White Glove. While the specific definition and all the service entails may differ from company to company, certain things remain constant. White Glove Service refers to the providing of a premium packing, shipping and delivery service. White Glove Art Service in the art business can include any or all of the following:

  • Crating
  • Custom made crates
  • Packing
  • Unpacking
  • Installation
  • Cleaning up, removal and/or disposal of any packing material or items
  • Handling of all regulations concerning shipping, i.e. packaging or crating, importation, exportation

While regular service may include some of these aspects, White Glove Service is more encompassing, incorporating special and artwork specific tasks for each item being handled and/or shipped.

Why Chose White Glove Service?

If you have and wish to package and ship a valuable and/or fragile piece of art - or several piece of artwork, it is usually best to leave the work up to the professionals. They know how best to package the items to prevent damage of any sort occurring. By selecting a White Glove Service from companies such as Art Pack, you are not merely upping the guarantee of safe delivery. You are doing the utmost to ensure the artwork, no matter how large or fragile, has the best opportunity of reaching its designated goal in pristine condition on the date and time stated.

Overall, by choosing White Glove Service in Los Angeles, as offered by Art Pack and other companies, you are giving your artwork safety, security and intact delivery. In doing so, you are also granting to yourself another benefit - peace of mind.


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