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Blanket Wrap For Shipping Furnishings - Basic Types

Shipping bulky items is not as simple as you may think. This is particularly true if the items to be sent are fragile or precious. It is important to understand there is a certain art and even a science to packing things correctly. This may involve using blanket wrap. Furnishings in Los Angeles often owe their safe arrival to the fact that someone - like the experts at Art Pack, knew how to wrap them properly.

Blanket Wraps

Blanket wrapping is the correct procedure to employ for the shipping of large items. This includes electronics, appliances and furniture. Companies blanket wrap furnishings for a variety of reasons. These include:

  • To keep them safe from scratches, dents and other potential destructive occurrences
  • To provide protection to other items being shipped
  • Because they are more difficult to crate
  • To help move the items - using the blanket as a tool, it is possible to shift furnishings with greater ease. In certain cases, the blanket can protect the furniture from harm while it is being dragged. This is not a technique favored by professional movers but one acceptable to amateurs who lack the proper moving equipment

Choosing a Blanket Wrap

When it comes to selecting a quality blanket wrap for furnishings, you need to look at several characteristics. These are the material, the size and the padding/weight. Each of the fabrics has its positive aspects. Yet, one type is better at this job than others.


Fabrics comprising blankets are usually polyester, non-woven or woven polyester, cotton and cotton/polyester blends. Polyester is considered to be a strong but soft fabric. It is also smooth to the touch. If the fabric is woven, it increases its durability. If it is not woven, it is better used to prevent the settling of dust and to keep the objects from becoming stained.

Cotton fabrics are also strong and can be soft. Yet, if you are looking for smoothness, you need to look to Polyester and Polyester blends. However, cotton allows movers to have a firmer grip on the object. A cotton blanket wrap on furnishings does not slip as much as those comprised of polyester do.


The size of the blanket wrap is important. Those working for Art Pack understand the need to make sure the blanket wrap on the furnishing in Los Angeles to be shipped fits. While it is possible to combine several smaller blankets, it is better to have the right size to meet all needs. This way, the furniture and other items are well protected.


It is always better if the moving blanket is padded. The padding allows extra protection. How good the padding is will depend upon the type of padding material used. The thicker the passing is, the better protection the blanket wrap will provide. While foam may be used, cotton is still considered to be the best.

When it comes to blanket wrap of furnishings in Los Angeles, movers have several choices. Polyester blends are popular, particularly if they consist mainly of non-slip cotton. What matters for the movers at Art Pack are the durability and protective qualities - including padding and weather-proof capability. By ensuring everything is packed safely everyone wins.


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