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Can You Get Art Shipping And Crating In Orange County California?

The Californian area known as Orange County is part of the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim Metropolitan Statistical Area and there are 34 incorporated cities within the boundaries of Orange County. Anaheim was first, dating back to 1870 when the region was still part of Los Angeles County.

Orange County is mainly suburban with no well defined urban center. As of 2010, the county’s population was put at 3,010,232. That means a lot of households and, at any one time any number of them might be moving house within or out of the County; plus new comers arriving from elsewhere. I guess it is fair to say that there will be a number of local companies specializing in transporting home movers’ effects and furnishings. Since California is home to many affluent people, I would also guess that it is fair to say that a goodly number of these homes will house works of art, antiques and other valuable items; which, should their owners be planning to move house, will require a more specialized aspect of removal transportation and care.

It is not unusual for owners of fine works of art (of any type and description) to loan them out for display in public museums and galleries. Since Orange County has over 50 establishments that can be listed as museums; there should be plenty of scope for such altruistic loans. Plus any of the Country’s museums in or outside of California; additionally, the owner of a piece of art might wish to have it displayed in a gallery or auction house with a view to selling it.

Not only can works of art command high prices; most of them are somewhat delicate and would not fare well if handled roughly during their transportation. If you have art to be transported from one place to another; make sure that the company that you choose for your Art Shipping And Crating In Orange County really do have all the experience necessary to work in this field. Will they: -

  • dismount or uninstall your work of art from its present location?
  • Will they pack it in a suitable crate or other protective container at its original location?
  • If there has to be delay, can they offer climate controlled storage?
  • Do they complete shipment in a timely and secure manner
  • Do they unpack and reinstall at its final destination?
  • At both origin and final location, do their people work cleanly and then clear up and remove all “mess”?


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