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Climate Control Storage in Los Angeles

While many people love to show off their art collections in their homes, or rent them out to museums, sometimes this simply isn't viable. Art collections grow too large, or collectors have to move and need secure art storage to ensure that their priceless paintings and valuable vases don't suffer any undue damage or deterioration when exposed to the elements. At Artpack, we offer climate control storage in Los Angeles to prevent humidity or heat damage to your artwork. We provide museum-quality art storage to all our clients, guaranteeing the safety of your art collection.

Climate Control

In what might be construed by some as a particularly cruel twist of fate, old, valuable artworks also tend to be particularly susceptible to the wrath of the elements. Water droplets forming on the surface of a painting stored in a humid room can irreparably damage your art, particularly if it was painted with a water-based paint. Even oil-based paint, despite oil's famous reputation for hydrophobia, or repelling water, can be disturbed by minuscule droplets on its surface. Our climate control storage aims to prevent this from happening by regulating the humidity of the storage space and preventing lethal moisture damage from ever gaining a foothold on your paintings.

Even heat and cold can affect the longevity of your art. Particularly during the long, hot Californian summers, art storage in Orange County can be a dangerous affair, as metals might expand in the heat, or liquid-based paints may start to run. Art storage in Los Angeles can even suffer from the cold, which might cause paint and other materials to crack as they cool, destroying your art. We make sure to maintain a constant, art-optimal temperature for your art storage, by guaranteeing the level of care you might expect from a prestigious museum to all of our clients. We're so painstaking with the safety and longevity of the art under our care that we keep the environment completely dust-free and protected against fire and smoke, to avoid potential heat or smoke damage to your art.


Theft is one of the unfortunate risks in the art world. The security of your art storage must not be compromised, which is why at Artpack we enforce the most stringent of security measures. We offer no public access to our storage facilities, but have a viewing room where clients can fully appreciate the well-preserved art they've entrusted to our safekeeping. Our fully equipped dock and warehouse services run in conjunction with our art shipping, and they are monitored twenty-four hours a day. We offer both long- and short-term options, so you can keep your art in a secure location for any length of time.


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