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Crating Artworks For Transport

Shipping art is a risky proposition. There are so many different factors to consider. Not only are you subject to security and safety, you also have to worry about a fair amount of regulation. To help reduce the problems, it is best to consider a professional packing company. It is better still to look at custom crating. Reliable and expert crate builders in Los Angeles and region, such as Art Pack Company, work to ensure your piece or pieces of art arrive safely and in their original condition.

General Requirements of Crating

When it comes to crating, custom crates are the best. Yet, no matter what the origins of the crate, make sure the crate is

  • Protective - durable, shock resistant and water-proof
  • Constructed of certified heat-treated wood
  • Reusable - this is best for the environment and for return shipping
  • Easy to maneuver throughout the entire process
  • The right size and shape – one reason why many art dealers and shippers prefer custom crates
  • Contains the right amount of packing and the right type of packing for the size, shape and even weight of the artwork

These are the basics. Make sure the crate builders in Los Angeles chosen for the task conform to these basic requirements

How to Avoid Crate Shipping Problems

If you are planning on shipping artwork, it is important you work to avoid the most common crating problems. Before you settle on a company, talk to the crate builders and shippers about what they will do to ensure your piece will arrive intact and on time. Bring in the experts from Art Pack and other art shipping companies to:

  • Inspect the artwork, measure its size and depth and understand its level of fragility
  • Talk about the medium
  • Provide an estimate on creating a custom crate
  • Provide an estimate on shipping costs
  • To provide you with or enlighten you on any other related information on things such as shipping regulations, insurance costs

Shipping artwork can be fraught with unforeseen challenges. Make them visible by hiring crate builders in Los Angeles such as Art Pack. With their skills and experience, they can make sending artwork safe.


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