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Expert Consultation for Fine Art Installation in Los Angeles

The state of California is prone to earthquakes of a variety of differing magnitudes. Rattling windows, swinging chandeliers and pictures falling from their wall mounts aren’t exactly uncommon in Los Angeles, the City of Angels and home of the San Andreas Fault Line. While for most these are minor inconveniences, those who maintain a collection of fine art which is of moderate to high value run the risk of sustaining a substantial loss if their artwork is shaken loose from mounts and fixtures. Museum curators, auction house managers, and individual collectors in Los Angeles who deal with small to large scale art installation projects, can always benefit from the advisement of a professional fine art installation service.

Advantages of Professional Fine Art Installation in Los Angeles

Professionals of fine art installation in the Los Angeles area understand the geographic instability of the region, and therefore take extra care in ensuring artwork is installed to withstand the effects of minor to moderate earthquake tremors. Specialized methods for installing artwork to guard against theft, jarring and other types of damage can help to ensure the safety of valuable art against acts of God and man. In addition to providing additional security for your fine art, you may also consult with experts who have experience in the best placement and lighting methods, as well as how to safely store and ship a variety of pieces.

Consultation Services

Fine art consultation services are essential in determining the best ways to install our fine art and keep it secure. Some of the services include placement of fine art, sculptures, fine art furnishings, and fine lighting to adequately showcase and highlight the elegant points of our collections or individual pieces. People who are highly skilled in this area and who have developed an eye for the most effective arrangements can often times provide you with ideas on how to make the best impression from artwork.

Where can you find professional fine art installation in Los Angeles?

If you're looking for an experienced and responsible art packaging, storing and shipping service, look no further than Art Pack. We have over 25 years of experience in the packing, custom crating, shipping and installation of fine art and other valuables. Our expert team provides customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each of our clients, whether it is for the installation of one art piece or for multiple gallery or exhibit items.


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