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How to Safely Ship Antiques in the Los Angeles Area

There are many reasons why antique buffs make their purchases. Some are adding to already impressive collections for the joy of owning these unique items, while others are making an investment in a valuable commodity. The Los Angeles area is filled with antique dealers as well as collectors who have items for sale, providing antique enthusiasts and aficionados with a haven for finding one of a kind items and treasures from yesteryear. For those who are from out of town, securing the safest method of shipping becomes a concern. Shipping valuables can be a risky venture unless you know what you're doing and cover all of your bases, so it's best left in the capable hands of an experienced shipping service. Here are some tips for ensuring you secure the best antique shipping company out of Los Angeles.

Ask Questions

After you've located a company which provides antique shipping out of Los Angeles, depending upon the size and volume of items to be shipped, you will need to make sure the company is fully equipped to handle the proper shipment of your items. Ask them upfront about their experience in handling the type of cargo you will be shipping. You'll want to go with a company which has years of experience in handling valuables, and that they follow the best practices to ensure your items will arrive at their final destination in an uncompromised condition. Damages can cause you a loss of value in your antiques. Discuss the packing and shipping methods to make certain how your items will be secured during the shipping process.

Company Reputation

A company which has been in business for some time will have customer reviews available. People are glad to share their experiences with a company, whether positive or negative. Do an online search to find out what others who have used the service have to say about them. This will let you know if the majority of customers are pleased with the services received. Of course, go with a company which has overall high reviews and lengthy track record of customer satisfaction.


When shipping antiques out of Los Angeles, choose a company which offers insurance on the items you are shipping. This is a necessity to ensure you are protected from loss in the event of an accident or loss during shipping. Even the best companies understand accidents may happen and nobody is exempt from unexpected mechanical failures or natural disasters. It is better to be prepared than to take a chance. Here at ArtPack, we care about your items and take every precaution to guarantee your item's safety and integrity. If you're looking for an insured, international art shipping company serving the Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego areas, with numerous years of experience in the custom crating, shipping, packing, storing and installing of precious artwork, look no further than ArtPack! Contact us for a free consultation today.


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