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I Live In LA And Have Inherited Some Pieces Of Art In New York – What Can I Do?

I have lived my whole 40 years in Los Angeles California but my parents came from New York. When they moved out West, most of their family stayed on in New York. We were not an extravagantly rich family back then but had deep roots in New York and had purchased properties over the years in what are now sought after parts of town. The whole family had a fondness for artistic “things” and over the years they had built up quite a collection of mixed art. This ranged from old paintings, through antique vases, statuettes, ornaments, etc to some good examples of modernistic paintings. For whatever reason, all this art stayed in the family but, recently, my aunt (the last surviving resident New York member of our family) passed away. It transpired that she had itemized the art collection and divided it out amongst her out of town relatives. As a result, her lawyer contacted me and sent some computer files showing the pieces that I had inherited.

I must admit that I have never been to New York so I had never had the opportunity to see the collection for myself; although I do remember my parents saying that it was a somewhat fine one. I had inherited a couple of classical looking paintings, 3 large Chinese vases, what appeared to be either a Greek or Roman bust, one rather striking modern painting, 6 porcelain figurines and two religious icons. The photographs showed everything to be in fine condition.

I might not be in the same league as the family collectors but I do have a few nice pieces around my home and the addition these pieces would be most welcome. Furthermore, through a superficial online appraisal, I gathered that the whole package was quite valuable. In other words, I definitely wanted it.


They were in New York; I am in Los Angeles and I know absolutely nothing about valuable Art Shipping From New York to LA. The lawyer in New York wasn’t any help; he simply suggested I contact a courier company who ships goods across the country. Yes, I thought, and the canvases arrive torn and the porcelain in fragments!


I remembered a friend telling me that he once had to arrange Art Shipping to New York when he sent a painting off to auction there. I contacted the people he had used and, sure enough, they knew all there was to know about taking care and protecting any sort of artwork during transportation. Furthermore, they regularly arrange Art Shipping to New York and back (for exhibitions); bringing my inheritance safely to LA could be very easily arranged. It is scheduled to be at my place by next week.


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