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International Art Shipping in Los Angeles: Ensure Proper Care for Your Artwork

Visitors from outside of the United States will find a treasure trove of fine art, collectibles, memorabilia and one of a kind pieces in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. For most, acquisitions are the easy part. The problem arises when making arrangements for getting the purchased items from L.A. to their intended destinations. Do it yourself shipping is a method which most serious collectors and curators know to avoid. This is because of the lack of safety and security for the items which must pass international cargo requirements for export. The best solution is to align with a professional, international art shipping service which is savvy in the ins and outs of internationally transporting fine art and collectibles.

Considerations for International Art Shipping

Proper packaging and preparation for international transport should be our chief consideration. The items must be packed securely to avoid jarring during the shipping process, and safely crated within high quality, resilient materials. Fine art which is particularly valuable can suffer considerable devaluation if any damage is sustained. This is why such care must be taken when preparing them for transport.

The proper paperwork must be completed for each item in order to satisfy the customs requirements of each country which it is passing through en route to the final destination. Without this, the shipment could become delayed or confiscated at some point along the way. In addition, all items should be handled by professional, certified companies which boast an excellent track record for delivering fine art shipments in pristine condition. Both ocean shipping and air freight should be offered to provide a range of shipping options for more choices in delivery dates and shipping costs.

Have you thought about using a professional shipping service?

Once an item has begun shipping, it falls out of our control. As our valuables travel potentially thousands of miles and are carried by many people whom we don’t know, doesn’t it make sense to do everything we possibly can to ensure the contents safety before it gets to this point? Professional art packaging and shipping companies are always at our disposal. Because they employ trained and experienced personnel, we can rest easier knowing that the package on its way to its destination is as safe and secure as it’ll ever be, encased in a custom built crate stuffed with top of the line inner packing material. For more than 25 years we have been developing the proper techniques and methods to guarantee the safe transport of even the most priceless of items – here at ArtPack, you’re in capable hands.


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