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Art Storage: Much More Intricate Than You Originally Thought

Storing Art Properly

Art storage companies in the Orange County, California area, guarantee museum quality standards for art storage and installation. They use state-of-the-art technology combined with experienced and qualified specialists who know how to store art for museums, galleries, auction houses, private collectors, and commercial collectors. Caring for artwork of any kind requires a certain amount of expertise, understanding, and attention to detail. Art needs very delicate handling and care to keep it looking beautiful for a long time. Humidity, salt, mishandling, and even theft are some of the dangers which threaten beautiful art work. However, the right art storage solution helps to minimize these threats. Orange County art storage companies also offer monitoring with sensors to keep the air optimal for the art pieces. If a fire breaks out, top of the line modern sprinkler systems are deployed. Sleeves which offer ultraviolet protection shield the artwork from light so it is not subjected to a lot of illumination, while it is kept covered from dust and dirt.

Storage Benefits

Advantages of finding the proper art storage include the details noted below:

  • The transportation vehicles which transport artwork are kept 100% climate-controlled and remain extremely clean. The vehicles are constantly monitored to ensure proper temperature, humidity and light values.
  • 24/7 digital access to their pieces held in storage allows art storage clients to control their own inventory collection while away from the storage center.
  • Art works are categorized and stored with digital viewing available at all times; clients can view photographs of each of their cached items via a secure online system. There is state-of-the-art technology like CCTV and 24/7 security personnel monitoring the storage facility.
  • There are cool storage vaults which have been specifically designed to provide storage for objects whose long term preservation has been shown to benefit from a lower storage temperature. A cool environmental condition is generally a level of relative humidity (37-43%) and keeps the temperature at 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Art Storage Services

Reputable art storage services in Orange County also provide an environment which is dust free and humidity-controlled, private and confidential with no public access, and protected against smoke and fire, with a private viewing room and fully equipped dock and warehouse services. Additional attributes of worthwhile services looking to store our valuables should include total professionalism and outstanding safety records. The right art storage company must use the white glove service environment to ensure the safety and protection of treasured art items.

Southern California's Premiere Art Storage Service

There is no consignment too large or too small for Orange County and southern California's ArtPack Company. We provide services for packing, crating, shipping, and handling of single items, collections, estate contents and exhibitions. We're an owner-operated service with over 25 years of combined experience in shipping, packing, and storing fine items. We will receive your cargo shipment at our specially designed warehouse, unpack/inspect its condition, and then carefully store it. When you are ready for your art work, fine furnishings and unique consignments of any value, size or quantity, contact us and we will safely deliver and install it for you.


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