"Your paperwork was simple, concise, and only two (2) pages. When I called to ask questions, I got to talk to the same person each time…what a pleasure."

-Victor Salmones

Safe, Secure Art Shipping in New York

Although many works of art command a staggeringly high price, art can't be valued merely according to its price tag. There's an ineffable beauty to an exquisite brush stroke or marble shaping that can't be replicated, no matter how hard an expert restorer tries. Unfortunately, art tends to be fragile, and older, more valuable pieces are the most fragile of all. You might need international art shipping to accommodate your move from the United States to another country, or to hire a masterpiece out to a museum or enthusiast for public display. In this instance, you want to rest easy with the security and peace of mind that comes with knowing your art shipping and crating have been performed by professionals who will keep your art safe. At Artpack, we take art shipping and crating seriously, and we are passionate about the work we do. We want nothing more than for your art to reach its destination safely, and we believe that providing the best art shipping service possible is par for the course.

Shipping and Crating

One aspect of the shipping industry that often goes unconsidered by clients is crating and shipping material. For example, you might be a New Yorker who needs to move your art to California. To protect your priceless artworks, you don't just want high-quality art shipping in New York. You also want the best in art shipping and crating in Orange County with a comparable level of service, should you need international art shipping in Los Angeles. Our heavy-duty wooden crates are virtually impregnable, and we use only the finest in inner packing materials to keep your art secure during the shipping period. It's not enough for us to offer this kind of service once, however. Our art shipping and crating is so secure that our strong boxes and crates are reusable, allowing you to transport your art in the same manner every time that you need to move it.

Expert Builders

Our team of crate builders is comprised of seasoned, experienced professionals who work with durable, high-quality wood every day to ensure that their skills never cease to be sharp. We'll custom-build crates for you to keep your art safe even on long-haul flights, meaning that our international art shipping is unparalleled in excellence. We always offer friendly service, and we can even build your custom crates in a day. We offer a range of art shipping options available when it comes to the freight stage of the art shipping and crating process. We'll even store your art for you to keep it safe and sound in a climate-controlled environment, allowing you to enjoy your life and not worry about damage to your valuable art investments.


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