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Tips For Choosing An Art Shipper

Art shipping to New York, as to anywhere else, can be difficult. It involves more than simply making sure the item is posted or sent off by courier. The process involved making sure it is packed correctly. Also of concern are such things as insurance and shipping regulations. Is it any wonder, therefore, that you should consider hiring a professional - not only a professional, but one that specializes in art and artworks?

Why A Professional?

There are several reasons why you should consider hiring a professional such as Art Pack for shipping to New York. Among the most obvious are:

  • The personnel that work for such specialized firms as Art Pack are trained in the proper handling and care of artwork of all sizes and media
  • They know how to safely pack your fragile items
  • They can customize crates for each and every art object
  • They make sure the crates are of high quality and capable of withstanding more than a single trip - particularly useful if the work is part of a traveling exhibit or an installation that is going to a gallery than returning at a later date
  • They are familiar with transporting artwork of all types
  • They know how to deal with art galleries and museums
  • They possess properly equipped storage facilities
  • Their trucks are designed and outfitted for moving artwork

Overall a professional artwork moving or shipping company consists of a team of skilled experts who are capable of handling any artwork-related emergency that may crop up.

Selecting the Right Art Shipping Professional

When it comes time to selecting the right professional for the job, be sure to make sure they fulfill the following basic criteria:

  • Professional at what they do
  • Have a reputation for delivering artwork safety
  • Are efficient getting the piece of art to its destination on time
  • Have the right equipment and people to do the job right
  • Are aware of all government regulations
  • Are environmentally responsible - reduce, reuse, recycle

It is important when it comes to art shipping to New York to understand what is best for you and your artwork. By consulting with such professionals as those at Art Pack, your piece of artwork has the best chance of arriving at its destination safe, secure and on time.


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