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"My painting arrived and I have to say that you folks did the best job I have ever seen in packing a piece of art!"

-Dale Ruff

local designer deliveries

Local Designer Deliveries in Los Angeles

If youíre an owner of valuable artwork or a collectorís item and are getting ready to move to another residence, you may be feeling stressed about how to get the piece safely from your current home to a new one. Art Pack is proud to provide local designer deliveries throughout Los Angeles and the rest of Southern California. Get in contact with us and ask about how our designer delivery services could assure your prized possessions arrive safely and on time.

Prompt Deliveries and an Emphasis on Great Service

We understand that your artwork may be associated with a significant amount of financial value, but it also might have significant sentimental worth. Whether our team delivers artwork to a new residence or to a temporary exhibition space, weíll treat it carefully as if it were our own. Rely on us and know your artwork will arrive in a timely manner, and thatíll itíll be in great condition after itís unpacked.

Strong Shipping Supplies for Use in Los Angeles and Beyond

Whether you are depending on our team for local designer deliveries or shipping artwork around the globe, we can pack your pieces inside sturdy wood crates that are produced on the same day you request them. Because they can be made to reflect custom measurements, you donít have to worry about the possible risks of putting your treasured art into packaging thatís not the correct size.

Learn More About Our Designer Delivery Services

To get more details about how we can assist with the shipment, delivery, and installation of your art, contact us now. We can provide a complimentary quote, plus details about how we can cater to your precise needs.

Local Designer Deliveries


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